canstockphoto16180022 downloaded 3 January 2015We’ve all done it, gone into the new year with great plans for things we’re going to do better. We have New Year’s resolutions that sound great when we’re planning our future, but when it comes to execution we haven’t factored in our energy level, other commitments, our dedication to the task, etc. So, those great goals last for about two days, especially the ones having to do with eating better, more exercise, and doing better at more organized genealogy research and record keeping.

I can’t help you with the diet and exercise routine.

I CAN help you with your genealogy research and record keeping. I’m going to help you get organized, pick a research project, plan the project, execute the project, analyze and correlate it, record it, and write it up! Sounds like a tall order, but when you break it down into pieces it becomes manageable.

Here’s how: I’m going to issue a weekly challenge. These challenges will go out each Monday morning with specific assignments for you to complete. I’ll give you instructions and show you tools to help complete each weekly task.

Want a preview? Here’s a monthly list of the line up:

  • January: Organize your desk and computer
  • February: Choose a Research Project and Bring Old Research Up to Date
  • March: Analyze Background
  • April: Ask a Research Question and Determine Research Sources
  • May: Create a Research Plan
  • June: Execute the Research Plan and Record Path Taken
  • July: Analyze Research Evidence
  • August: Correlate Evidence
  • September: Resolve Conflicts
  • October: Record Findings
  • November: Write up Findings and Notes for Future Research
  • December: Publish Findings!
  • I’ll be doing these challenges right along with you. Please let me know how you’re doing!

That’s it! Stay with me each week, put in some work, and by the end of the year your research and records will be more organized!

Let me know you’re participating and how it’s going for you!


Photocredit: “Challenge Yourself Puzzle Showing Motivation Goals and Determination,” CanStockPhoto ( : downloaded 3 January 2015) uploaded 3 January 2015 by Susan Bankhead; used under license.