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Hopefully, you’re almost done with analyzing the sources and information in your previous research. If you haven’t already done it, finish off your analysis with the records you have yet to re-examine in your files.

Finally, tackle the photos you have for that family line. You’ve probably done a lot of research since you last looked at those photos, so it’s time to revisit them with fresh eyes and see if you spot any new clues.

Questions to consider:

Have you identified everyone in the photo?

Have you identified the location the photo was taken?

Was there any significance to the location?

Have you identified the occasion or reason for the photo?

Have you given the photo a date, or season or year?

Have you identified the neighborhood?

Have you properly labeled the photo?

For more ideas see, “10 Steps to Decoding a Family Photo,” and “Clues Inside Photos.”

Finally, archive your photo. Denise Levenick has loads of great information on her webpage, “The Family Curator.” 

That’s it for digging into your old records!!! Are you relieved? I hope so. You’re on track for organized research.