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It’s time to dream a little! Last assignment you defined your major research question and the underlying questions you will use to answer it.

Today’s challenge is to determine the sources you will use to answer those questions. 

First, identify the records that are available for the time and place you will be searching. To do that, the FamilySearch Wiki is a good tool. Be sure you search for each political jurisdiction, the town, the county, the state, etc., to find out about your search area.

Other help for your search area may be found at  Cyndi’s List, the National Archives, websites and catalogs of state libraries, archives, and historical societies.

The Family History Library Catalog lists records according to the political jurisdiction, so again, check each area.

Obviously, you want to find the best resources to answer your research question, but how do you determine what’s the best?

Linda Woodward Geiger answers that question in her article on the BCG website titled, “Guidelines for Evaluating Genealogical Resources.”

Remember, it’s best to drill down to the original record if it’s available. Don’t settle for finding a name in an index and thinking you’re done. 

What records will you use to answer your research questions?