canstockphoto16180022 downloaded 3 January 2015I know you want this one! R&R is “Rest and Relaxation.” 

Are you feeling rested and relaxed? I wonder!

Instead of creating your research plan last week, some of you might have attended the National Genealogical Society Conference in St. Charles, Missouri, or watched the live streaming lectures remotely at home. If you signed up for those remote lectures, you might have even watched them more than once. They were that good.

If you did, you might have put creating your research plan aside because you’re human, not a clone.

So, for this week …. [drum roll]…

I’m going to give you a break, give you time to come up for air, regroup, and tackle that research plan…

…AND if you missed the conference all together, Randy Seaver posted his “NGS 2015 Conference Blog Compendium,” to help you find the blog posts written about the conference! Thank you, Randy!

Do you feel better, now?

I hope so! See you next challenge!