canstockphoto16180022 downloaded 3 January 2015Imagine you’re a dentist, the kind that pulls out teeth!

Extracting a document is like pulling a tooth, except you pick out the sections you want to keep intact.

An extract is an exact word-for-word PORTION of a document.

You would extract a portion of a document such as the property description of a deed.

An extract may appear in the middle of an abstract.

Basic rules for extracting a record:

  • Set the extraction off by quotation marks, giving the reader a heads up that what’s enclosed is an exact copy.
  • Preserve all punctuation and spelling and capitalization as it appears in the document.

That’s it! Don’t make it more complicated than it is. Just study the document and determine which portions you want to preserve by extracting them. Time to play dentist for a day!