Your full Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimate Report should total about 33 pages. Have you seen yours? If you haven’t, it may because it’s hard to find. In fact, it’s somewhat buried but it can be found.

First of all, what is this report and why would you want to access it? This report includes your personal ethnicity estimate but then provides lots of history detailing the origins of early groups such as the Vikings, Romans, and prehistoric peoples. It’s great information if you have a child at home interested in their heritage. There are maps, drawings, and charts. It’s a fun compilation that may add some historical background to your study of your heritage.

What it will not do is help you find DNA matches but there are other tools for that.

When you first pull up your Ancestry page and hover over the DNA tab and click on the tab “Discover Your DNA Story,” you get SOME breakdown of your ethnicity. That’s a start.

Here’s how to find your report:

First, sign in to your Ancestry account, hover over the “DNA” tab and click on “DNA Story.” After you click on that your address bar will look somewhat like this:… [and then a ton of numbers].

See that word “origins: in the middle of the address? Change it to “ethnicity” but keep everything else the same.

Click on the new address and a report pops up.

Now, hit the print button and change the bullet to “Print details for all 8 regions (appx 33 pages).” Hit the print button directly below the bullet and voila!!!!

That’s it! Easy, huh? You just have to go through the back door to get it!

*Credit goes to Corey Werle for helping me find this back door!